From Drug to Alcohol Addictions and Beyond – We Can Help

At Meridian Behavioral Health, we offer a range of drug and alcohol treatment services in safe, caring, and confidential environments, depending on need of each patient. We treat a wide range of drug and alcohol addictions, including opioid dependence.

We embrace best-practices utilizing multiple therapeutic approaches to treat a variety of addiction and mental health issues. We have licensed facilities throughout Minnesota, and all of our residential programs — and many of our outpatient programs — are MI/CD licensed to treat clients assessed as chemically dependent with co-occurring mental health issues (dual-diagnosis).

Our addiction treatment staff will work with patients to create a personalized treatment program to address their individual needs, with the goal of achieving stability and recovery.

What is Chemical Dependency?

Chemical dependency is more than just a problem, it is a medically proven disease, just like diabetes, cancer and heart disease and also just as life-threatening. Drug and alcohol dependency affects one in 10 people from all cultures, incomes, ages and lifestyles.

Contrary to the popular stereotype, someone who is chemically dependent may still have a good job, home and bank account and be a good spouse, friend or parent. Overall, people with alcoholism and other drug problems experience physical as well as emotional and social symptoms, often hurting their friends and families, jeopardizing their jobs and harming themselves.

How Do I Know if Treatment is Needed for Me or a Loved One?

Symptoms and signs of substance abuse and chemical dependency vary from person to person. Some are also better at “covering up” their symptoms than others and hiding their addiction from people around them. Here are a few key signs to look for if you suspect you or a loved one are in need of treatment:

  • Impaired control over one’s chemical use
  • Preoccupation with using alcohol or other drugs
  • Use despite harmful consequences
  • Irrational thinking
  • Mood swings from anger to sadness to depression
  • Refusal to talk about a potential problem

If you recognize any of the above signs, please call us at 1-877-367-1715. We’re here to help and answer any questions. Help is right around the corner, don’t wait any longer.

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