Addictions are often just as unique as each person who has them, so it’s important to devise a plan for each patient, taking into account their needs and long-term goals. At Meridian, we utilize a personalized, holistic approach, as drug and alcohol addiction affects both mental and physical health. We offer a judgment-free environment, taking the time to get to know you so we can understand how we can best help. We work with each person, one-on-one to build relationships that transcend even the most difficult challenges.


Here, each approach to drug and alcohol treatment is designed to address specific conditions of addiction, healing the individual, family, and community. Our evidence-based practices at Meridian are scientifically sound and based on results that have worked for previous treatments. So the same treatment plans that have been proven to help others reach their goal to find long-term recovery can work for you, too.


We work hand in hand, across our entire network, hand-picking a variety of disciplines and expertise to ensure you get the very best care. Our comprehensive array of services and specialties reach all levels and intensity of care, adapting as you do throughout your recovery.


Our philosophy of recovery and addiction treatment is to focus on the whole person; integrating mind, body and spirit. We believe everyone has the capacity to access the mental health and wisdom they were born with. By embracing this innate health, we pull upon the power of inner strength and re-establish a sense of self-pride and self-worth. The result is positive thinking which leads to healthy choices and, therefore, positive behavior.

We utilize a personalized, holistic health approach—embracing evidence-based best practices to best treat mental and physical health. We listen, we respect, we understand and, above all, we help make a lasting change.

Our staff whole-heartedly believes in the power of personal touch and their passion helps transform lives every day. They work with each person to build one-on-one relationships that transcend even the most difficult challenges. We also address each person’s culture and lifestyle, which are factors that play an important role in reaching recovery.

In developing individualized treatment plans for our clients, we use a variety of therapeutic approaches in our program, depending on each person’s unique needs and desires. Contact us to find out which options will be right for you or your loved on.

If you recognize any of the signs, please call us at 1 877 367 1715. We’re here to help and answer any questions. Help is right around the corner, don’t wait any longer.

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If you or a loved one needs help, or just someone to talk to, we’re here. Our lines are open day and night—give us a ring, we’re here and ready to listen.