“I wanted to thank you for helping me rediscover myself. I was able to secure a job yesterday. It is five days a week and my first in over three years. I’m still sober.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping me save my life. I’ve been clean/sober for 9 months now. What a trip/miracle. I would like to come and speak to the guys about what life has been like since coming to Twin Town.”

“I’m living my life, not chasing the high.”

“This program has helped me peel away layers of despair, depression, anger and sadness. Today I am a happy, healthy, and vital human being.”

“I was facing termination of parental rights when I came in, I have a chance now for reunification with my children.”

“Meridian has enabled me to stop using heroin and methamphetamines. I’ve also grown spiritually and mentally enabling me to say, I am truly happy today.”