Alliance Methadone Maintenance Clinic – Minneapolis, MN

A Medication-Assisted Treatment Program

The Alliance Methadone Maintenance Clinic is an opiate treatment program and outpatient clinic serving the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, and beyond. Alliance Clinic provides narcotic replacement therapy services using methadone maintenance as a medication in conjunction with behavioral health treatment services for opiate addiction.

We provide ethical and responsible chemical and mental health services in serving a broad spectrum of individuals suffering from opiate addiction. Alliance serves adult men and women age 18 and older from a variety of cultures who may also struggle with mental illness. We address each person’s culture and lifestyle which are factors that play an important role in reaching recovery.

Our Methadone Maintenance Clinic also provides chemical health assessments by appointment in order to determine a diagnosis and set forth a customized, recommended treatment path. Our assessments also include additional referrals for individuals who have concerns regarding their substance use and/or chemical dependency.

Our program includes the following specialized services:

  • Mental Health / Chemical Dependency groups
  • Pregnant Women group
  • Culturally specific groups
  • Continuing care support
  • Gender specific

Specialized Language Services:

  • Hmong-speaking case management
  • Spanish-speaking case management
  • African American case management

Whether the need is for you, or a loved one, call us today to learn more and how we can help at 1-877-367-1715.

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Alliance Methadone Maintenance Clinic

3329 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
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