Schedule an Assessment Today

Assessments start with a phone call. Our Intake Coordinators will get some information from you and answer any questions you may have. Our licensed Clinical Assessment Coordinators will review your information to determine if treatment is needed and what level of care will give you the best treatment outcomes. If residential is recommended, you'll complete your full assessment on-site at the facility. And if you just want to stop by for an assessment, we will accommodate that as well.

For outpatient services, you can also schedule an on-site substance use assessment at any of our outpatient programs.

What Happens During an Assessment?
Assessments are used to determine diagnosis, recommendation, and/or referral for individuals having concerns regarding their substance use. A licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC) performs a substance abuse disorder assessment.

The assessment details the patient’s substance use history, previous treatment history, legal history, family of origin history, education and employment status, relationships history, psychiatric treatment history, and cultural background. It also assesses the patient's current physical health, current mental status, and readiness for change, recovery environment, learning style, personal strengths and resources, and potential barriers to recovery. This information allows for the LADC to diagnose, make appropriate recommendation(s) and/or referrals for the individual.