Twin Town Men's Residential Treatment St. Paul MN

Twin Town is a Men’s MI/CD licensed residential treatment program, treating men 18-years-old and over for chemical dependency issues, along with co-occurring mental health needs. Conveniently located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Twin Town has an extensive history of helping men find recovery from alcohol and drug addiction as one of the longest-standing treatment centers in the state.

Serving men since the 1960s, today, patients are coached in new ways of thinking to reduce thoughts about alcohol, drug abuse and other self-injuries through the Health Realization Model. Each individual who enters Twin Town will work closely with a dedicated counselor as well as in groups to determine an evidence-based treatment plan to meet their personal needs and goals. Committed to treating the whole person, we offer the men who walk through our doors the opportunity to live a life of healing and purpose.


24 Hour Medical Services

Psychiatric & Psychological Services

Trauma-informed Focus

Living/Coping Skills Education


If you recognize any of the signs, please call us at 1 877 367 1715. We’re here to help and answer any questions. Help is right around the corner, don’t wait any longer.

550 Main Street
New Brighton, MN 55112
L 612 454 2014
F 651 256 6091

If you or a loved one needs help, or just someone to talk to, we’re here. Our lines are open day and night—give us a ring, we’re here and ready to listen.