Douglas Place Residential Treatment  East Grand Forks, MN

A Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center for Men and Women by Meridian Behavioral Health

Douglas Place is a licensed residential treatment center serving adult men and women who have been assessed as having chemical dependency issues and are in need of residential chemical health services. We are located in East Grand Forks, Minnesota.

Douglas Place helps our clients turn their lives around by focusing on a whole-person, individualized approach utilizing multiple therapeutic and treatment modalities. Our program is uniquely different combining chemical health treatment with psychiatric services, helping persons with co-occurring mental health issues, also known as dual diagnosis. Throughout the course of treatment, we address chemical dependency, anger management, personal relationships, self-acceptance, and social skills development. Our treatment consists of a variety of therapeutic approaches that aim to educate each person in taking a proactive look at their substance use and associated behaviors.

Our East Grand Forks treatment center provides medical services by a certified nursing staff. Psychological services are also available as needed. We offer Chemical Health Assessments by appointment at several of our locations; Call now or schedule a chemical health assessment online today.

We Offer the Following Specialized services:

  • Chemical Health Assessments
  • Psychiatric and psychological services
  • Living/Coping Skills Education
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

More Men’s Residential Treatment Programs:

  • Cedar Ridge Residential Treatment in Stillwater, MN – Cedar Ridge is located ten miles northwest of Stillwater, Minnesota in a serene rural setting on 40 acres of rolling woodlands. This facility is also a MI/CD licensed residential treatment center serving adult men age 18 and older who have been assessed as chemically dependent with co-occurring mental health issues.
  • Lake Shore Men’s Residential (Mahtomedi, MN)
    Lake Shore – by Meridian Behavioral Health –  is a new MI/CD licensed residential treatment center serving adult men age 18 and older who have been assessed as chemically dependent with co-occurring mental health issues and in need of residential chemical health services.

More Women’s Inpatient Treatment Programs:

  • Meadow Creek Women’s Residential Treatment in Pine City, MN – Meadow Creek is located on 80 acres of beautiful grasslands, trees and meadows in rural Minnesota – an idyllic setting for women to learn and grow. This inpatient addiction program offers diverse treatment options.
  • Tapestry Women’s Residential Treatment in St. Paul, MN – We also offer our inpatient services for women in a second location in the Twin Cities. Tapestry  is located in a warm, friendly, residential neighborhood in St. Paul, Minnesota. This inpatient treatment center provides individualized treatment, support, referrals and resource information to women experiencing problems with substance abuse and chemical dependency as well as behavioral health issues.

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Douglas Place Residential Treatment

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